Best Everyday Shoe?

20th November 2009 01:32
I have gotten out of the shoe game for a while, sold all my SBs, Jordans, and old Dunks...Only kept a few and now they are getting beat

I want to buy another pair or 2 of just some everday White/Black or White/Gray something simple that goes with everything

What you guys suggest? I was thinking Venom SB Highs, but whats your guys opinions?

Sorry if this is wrong section, haven't been on here in a while..
20th November 2009 03:04
Any help please?
20th November 2009 03:06
I was thinking some air force ones
20th November 2009 03:59
maybe some air maxes? they always comfortable and im sure if you plan to wear them on the daily basis,comfortability is a plus
20th November 2009 05:41
venoms are a good choice cus of the simple c/w.
are you tryna stay with nike/jordan?
if so then i recommend plain gr forces or air max 90.
20th November 2009 05:54
get some air max 95s
20th November 2009 06:15
Venoms are a good choice!
Well, a good choice for beaters, imo..
20th November 2009 19:01
Any simple colorway would do the trick, Venoms, BTTYS just to name a few
20th November 2009 19:49
Go with the venoms.
I got a pair that I use as my beat sneakers.
20th November 2009 21:02
These (school, work, etc):