Best Clothings Brands For Real Sneakerheads No Hype

22nd December 2012 15:28
Im looking to get everyones opinion on what are the best clothing brands or companies who make the best clothing brands that arent any hyped up shit like supreme obey bape none of that shit just looking to see some peoples opinions on the real stuff out there
24th December 2012 19:08
i fux wit polo ralph laurens, nauticas and tommy hilfigers for casual dress

columbia jackets by far the best jackets, i mean those are the coats the WEATHER CHANNEL USES. and they got some fresh shit too

leaders is a good street wear brand that aint hyped yet.

now i stay with button downs. so the only t shirts i wear are sport tees or nike or jordan tees that match my shoes.
24th December 2012 19:27
25th December 2012 16:28
I recently stumbled across this new site with shirt/sweaters/hoodies. They have a lot of original stuff up there and they also make a few designs for each retro/lebron drop. Links below if your interested.

25th December 2012 20:58
28th December 2012 06:12
Plain tees from any company are fine. Hanes, FOTL, whatever. If it matches your shoes then I would say you're good to go.
28th December 2012 08:58
you're asking the worst dressed forum
28th December 2012 13:03
Rufnek Clothing no doubt
28th December 2012 13:05
You can get rufnek at''
28th December 2012 13:39
you're asking the worst dressed forum