Authorized Jordan Brand Retailer?

25th October 2011 04:31
Ok, this is probably a stupid question, but where can I find a list of authorized Jordan Brand retailers? Would it just be Footlocker or Finish Line or a place like that? I'm just now getting into Jordans and (obviously) I know nothing about them. I've been into Nike SBs lately and know the quickstrike "system" with those; is it similar with Jordans? I didn't see this question in the FAQ. Some education would be awesome as I'd really like to get a pair of the Retro 3 Black/Cement Grey when they come out.
25th October 2011 04:33
Ask the question here, no need to make a thread topic. I'll send u a link in the FAQ thread.

25th October 2011 04:39
Ok, I asked in that thread.