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26th July 2011 03:47

Welcome to the 'ask a kicksologist' thread - The place to ask, discuss and comment on every technology, every department of performance and any shoe for any sport or walk of life.

The natural home of Team Kicksologist, we endeavour to expand on the stellar Kicksology reviews posted by Sole Collector, help any fellow members with any questions and lead you on the path to the perfect sneaker for any situation.

No request is too specific or too general so please feel free to ask, Team Kicksologist consists of an array of members who have played, skated or lived in any combination of tech and any brand you can think of, so although your question may lead to a discussion rather than an instant answer, any discussion should answer all of your questions!

So whether you are a Center or Point Guard ,whether you are looking for more board feel or better grip, if your a long distance runner or a recreational jogger or anything in between, please feel free to ask, comment on your experiences or discuss old, current or future tech and hopefully we can provide a useful service to the Sole Collector Forum.

The Family

#1 nikeSBcollectorr - "Group Mod/ Tony"
#3 d-zeLL - "Chuck"
#4 We Are Ninja - "Jon"
#5 OBLebran - "Oli/Lebran"
#6 bradellacott - "Brad"
#7 duke4005 - "Bryan"
#8 boyjordan - "Jesus"
#9 gdiemaster - "Jefferson"
#10 Nene33 - "Nene"
#11 cube23 - "Darryl
#12 TheSurgeon - "Jesse"
#13 faded8119 - "Mark"
#14 STORM RYDER - "Winston"
#15 dre_23 - "Dre"

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26th July 2011 05:22
Good shit bro, I'm looking forward to these "Kicksologists"
26th July 2011 06:35
Thanks alot Allan, this section needs recognition but that will take time

Good things to come for the whole SOLEcollector community as well as the group.
26th July 2011 06:44
How'd y'all start anyway?
26th July 2011 07:05
Very very excited about this. About time we put some knowledge out there to the old and new.
Awesome idea. Looking forward to it all.
26th July 2011 09:17
Tony I think we need a picture in the first post! Some sort of crazy professor or something

The science of kicksology is a beautiful thing..
26th July 2011 10:38
Good idea, kinda like the Univeral Man, but in feet
26th July 2011 11:08
If someone can photoshop some kicks onto einstien, I would like this very much.

Edit: Tony, We need a chat thread!!
26th July 2011 13:56
Looking good homies.
26th July 2011 13:56
How'd y'all start anyway?

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