Ronnie Fieg x Kith Thread (NO RESELLING)

12th October 2011 02:51
Here will be the new thread regarding the Asics and Ronnie Fieg/Kith collaborations.

To start the thread, here is an image of Ronnie Fieg's past work with brand Asics and Onitsuka Tiger.

As for the release of the Leatherbacks, they will most likely be released with the Grand opening of KITH in Lower Manhattan.

Here are photos.

In addition there was mention of the Gel Saga colorblocked by RF to be released in November or before the holiday season. Information was given in one of his Kith BK videos.

It will most likely be this

or a slim possiblity of this

Leatherbacks are coming within the month.

Preview Picture

Preview Video Link



Live coverage of the release^

RF For ASICS 2012 Preview Pictures

Gel Saga



Next Release for December Gel Saga in the Mazarine Blue Colorway



"Expect these to Drop on December 29, 2011 at KITH Brooklyn and KITH NYC (manhattan). No other details are available at the moment."

Preview of the Coral Asics

via theophilus london

RF releases another teaser image via Twitter

more shots via Vagrantsneaker

Preview of the super reds via RFs twitter.

photos via vagrant sneaker.

Preview of an RF "NEPTUNE" Gel Saga for Summer 2012 RELEASE 8/3 11AM EST

via Fuzzydounlop from his Sneakerfreaker mag


RF Gel Lyte III "Eclipse" via Complex Magazine.

"Selvedge Denim" Asics Gel Lyte 3 12/14/2012


Let's keep this thread clean and orderly with intelligent and informative information while following the rules of the forums.
12th October 2011 03:00
all these lol...

good info though homie!
12th October 2011 03:05
^ hopefully this will diffuse the arguments and the confusion with the previous thread being in the OTHER BRANDS location.

Also, whoever missed out on the Salmon toe T-shirt or Jacket, there is a restock on the kith website. As of now L XL XXL on jackets, XS M L XL on the tee's. Jackets run a size smaller (more tailored fit) and as for shirts I think they're true to size as I read.



12th October 2011 04:28
what are these navy/infrared looking ones underneath the super blues and above the culture shoqs (and to the left of the red nice kicks)?

did those release?
12th October 2011 04:29
btw, my salmon toes came today and they're flawless. stoked. these are a really nice colorway in real life imo.
12th October 2011 04:34
^lol didnt need the double post. post detailed pictures of yours? I would like to see the details of the quality. I thought you weren't able to get a pair.

I think they were only samples like most of the majority on that picture. Im interested in the Gt-II's done up in the navy/aqua, but those were a twitter giveaway size 9 only..
12th October 2011 04:41
i wasn't able to grab a pair for retail, but i still got my pair.

i can't find navy aqua GL3's in a size 12 or 13 anywhere... i shouldn't have slept when they came out.
12th October 2011 04:51
how much did you drop? yeah I passed on them for close to retail a while back when there was no hype on any of the RF asics, I really regret it now, but honestly in person it looks like an all navy shoe and with the Air Max 1 options on ID you can create a similar colorway.

12th October 2011 05:19
too much, but still less than i've seen any pair go for in my size...

these are prolly not gonna dip down as low as previous releases.

also picked up a 2nd pair of size 12 grey arc GL3's today.
12th October 2011 05:21
I personally think the 'navy aqua's' are one of the best releases thus far and the quality is choice. I actually wore them today and here's an older pic showing the nice cw in daylight:

I'm surprised there's no pic of the ultra marine GT II's up there...another great cw regardless of all the gay hype that surrounded them. Anyhow, carry on...