Asics Thread... SHOE TALK ONLY or it will be locked

8th October 2007 15:24
Are any colors of this shoe set to release any time soon? I love this shoe in almost any colorway, but other than the David Z collab I haven't seen much of them.

just saw these on

if anyone will know more about release dates in the future...
nice cw imo...surely better than "dino" asics gel lyte 3!!!

from highsnobiety

First pics of the upcoming Solebox x Asics Gel Lyte III

Release will be sometime in the summer (June,July or August)
The pairs sold@Solebox will have the Solebox branding at the heel, the ones sold elsewhere will have s Asics Gel Lyte III branding

Outdoor with UV light

Indoors without UV
8th October 2007 15:29
Only one I know is the Solebox Gel Lyte III. No idea when though.
8th October 2007 20:17
There are 3 cw's set for release this year... but I really can't find the pics right now.
1 with Orange/grey/black/gold
1 with black/white/yellow/blue
1 with black/white/green/red

@Dennis, do you know what the Solebox Gel Lyte will look like?
8th October 2007 21:10
but I really can't find the pics right now.

8th October 2007 21:23
^ wow. those 2nd ones are dope imo. hope i can get a pair.
8th October 2007 21:36
I love the second colorway. :<3:
It's much better than the Patta's. (IMO)
8th October 2007 22:23
OH WOW, i am def in love with the second pair. Any info on when its going to drop and where and how much?
8th October 2007 23:15
Wow I love both of those. Can't wait for them to release!
8th October 2007 23:22
The first color is already out
8th October 2007 23:54
both pairs are dope, imo everyone mens cw of gel lyte IIIs are great, i just wish the top one up there printed the name on the heel like everyother release...