Official Air Jordan XIV Thread:"Black Toe" General Release 9/20

22nd March 2011 23:43
these are good, except it might look like a baseball cleat at first look.
22nd March 2011 23:54
I was excited until I saw the price. $160 for XIVs? Really?
22nd March 2011 23:57
oh. i like. real fresh.
23rd March 2011 00:00
I'll buy when they hit $79.99 at the outlets. I love the XIV's, but not that much.
23rd March 2011 00:09
I'm feeling these

I just hope they come with metal tips on the laces
23rd March 2011 00:26
if i were to ever get another pair of 14s again it would be the all obsidian
23rd March 2011 00:31
these r dope
23rd March 2011 00:35
14s! they should retro the laneyss..
23rd March 2011 00:35
OMG!!!!!!!!! Love the 14s and this color is dope!!!!!!
23rd March 2011 00:36
14s! they should retro the laneyss..

Totally agree. those were my very first Jordans ever! a lotta sentimental value right there