Official Air Jordan XIV Thread:"Black Toe" General Release 9/20

22nd March 2011 22:02
I want to get these, but I probably won't have the money to get them
22nd March 2011 22:09
$160, why do prices keep going up when quality goes down.
22nd March 2011 22:13
right now gone be a easy pass
22nd March 2011 22:38
Been wantin some 14s from da pic dese don't look bad mite buy these if not the black nd red that are also releasing..maybe both
22nd March 2011 22:57
I dont know bout these, need detailed pics .. but atleast JB is trying to make new colorways instead of releasing old colorways , so props for that ..
22nd March 2011 23:00
Dope about time JB gives us something in navy.
22nd March 2011 23:04
Cant wait to see more detailed pics.
22nd March 2011 23:04
right now gone be a easy pass

22nd March 2011 23:26
nice, feelin these
22nd March 2011 23:37
Love it. I cant wait to get them.