Official Air Jordan XIV Thread:"Black Toe" General Release 9/20

22nd March 2011 21:19
i dont know about these, i was never a fan of XIVs.

I agree. Easy pass.
22nd March 2011 21:20
was typing this up when i refreshed the forum to see yo posted it.. BOOOOOO lol

Am faster than you.....

I like these a lot. Hopefully real pics looks even better than the catalog pic.
22nd March 2011 21:23
These look nice, will cop
22nd March 2011 21:33
cool color but dislike shoes
22nd March 2011 21:40
o god these look nice;)
22nd March 2011 21:49
idk not feeling these , the blue kills it .
22nd March 2011 21:54
Meh! not really feeling these looks like a pass.
More detailed pics would be better
Id like some last shot 14s tho
22nd March 2011 21:56
These might be my new favorite colorway for the XIV's
22nd March 2011 22:00
Looking forward to more pics
22nd March 2011 22:02
I am not a fan of this colorway. Pass