Official Air Jordan XIV Thread:"Black Toe" General Release 9/20

22nd March 2011 19:57
22nd March 2011 20:07
ehhh need more pics to decide
22nd March 2011 20:08
They look nice, but I need to see pics to decide
22nd March 2011 20:20
ehh need to see actual pics but its like cool grey 14s
22nd March 2011 20:21
From that pic I like em, Im sure theyll look even better with quality pics...easy cop for me since 14s are my top 5 favorites
22nd March 2011 20:27
need official detailed pics 2 noe its nice o ugly like da Light Graphite / Chartreuse – Black 14s cw
22nd March 2011 20:30
They look good. I'm a big fan of XIV's, so any new colorway is welcomed.
22nd March 2011 20:46
These are iight but whats good with the laney 14s???

never heard of any rumors or anything on laney 14s but I would love that
22nd March 2011 21:13
gotta cop cant wait to get dem on my feet
22nd March 2011 21:16
i dont know about these, i was never a fan of XIVs.