Official Air Jordan XIV Thread:"Black Toe" General Release 9/20

22nd March 2011 18:33
Likin' 'em so far...
22nd March 2011 18:34
Nice! love XIV's
22nd March 2011 18:41
Pretty nice... Im feeling those
22nd March 2011 18:48
these are nice but idk add a ice sole, need more pics to judge. I just picked up DS Cherrywood 14s for 150 straight up and am bout to pick up some more 14s better than this colorway for less than 160.
22nd March 2011 18:50
nice are hot this holidays is gonna make me broke 14's def cop !
22nd March 2011 18:58
I like these alot great summer shoe.
22nd March 2011 19:02
Why can't these shoes be $125 like the older days?
22nd March 2011 19:04
i like em, i got the white/red and cdp 14s definitely gonna get these to add to those and hopefully some indiglos drop too
22nd March 2011 19:06
hopefully these will be my first pair of 14s
22nd March 2011 19:07
These could be real niceeeeeeee