Official Air Jordan XIV Thread:"Black Toe" General Release 9/20

23rd March 2011 01:45
I'm Feeling Thiis Colorwayy,
Not Too Sure If I Would Copp Thoo
23rd March 2011 01:48
too many other shoes comin out...will have to pass
23rd March 2011 01:56
If they fix it a little bit they can be fire

The lime green and grey 14's Charteuse or what ever they called are nice
23rd March 2011 02:07
doesnt look bad, i might pick these up.
23rd March 2011 02:22
tooo much for a 14, let alone a new colorway. 160 might be a decent price for last shots, but not this wack colorway
23rd March 2011 02:34
Damn I want those.....
23rd March 2011 02:39
I love this colorway, looks very Yankee like.
23rd March 2011 02:50
These are perfect. I don't care for the loud colorways on 14's. This along with the stealth 3's are great new cw's.
23rd March 2011 03:25
14's are soo comfortable, these are sexy
23rd March 2011 03:55
Laney 14s are my holy grail and 14 in general are my on my top 3 fave jays
But please release laneys