Air Jordan XIV QuickStrike **3/10/12**

5th March 2012 00:57
not relevant to the white ones releasing, but thought this was pretty hilarious

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LMFAO *foxtrots*
5th March 2012 01:02
dont go past 13 in jays
5th March 2012 01:13
i have the og's

these look way off in pictures
5th March 2012 01:16
Are these really quick strikes?
5th March 2012 01:23
^ I don't think so. A local fnl in my area said they are getting them.
5th March 2012 01:27
I think they will be available in alot of places JB was just trying to build hype for the XIV saying its a QS knowing ppl dont really care for these
5th March 2012 02:24
They're nice and clean but PASS.

I hearya
5th March 2012 03:04
5th March 2012 16:45
im copping definitely i passed on the crappy last shots and need a pair of 14s
5th March 2012 17:33
These are indeed a limited quickstrike. I don't know why JB would make these limited if every recent retro has sold out.