Air Jordan XIV QuickStrike **3/10/12**

3rd March 2012 21:52
just got mine in the mail today... surprised not bad at all... i mean the is crunched because of the way it was sitting but it will even out...

Are these the '11 retro? Did they come with the new box?

these are the new ones that come out friday night... no new box so far all my 4's came wit a new box only and my 10's wit new hangtags
3rd March 2012 22:51
The late notification wasn't cool but that's "quick strike" for ya. White and Red, OG colorway, last Retro'd in 06', these are heat. Bulls colors, must haves!
3rd March 2012 23:54
these are kinda wack, not one of my favorite xivs. pass
4th March 2012 04:21
Will footlocker/finishline have these?
4th March 2012 04:23
These are a pass, take that 160 and hold that toward a future release
4th March 2012 15:09
Will footlocker/finishline have these?

I think my local Footlocker and FA are having these. Im gonna call at 12 when they open today to see whats up.
4th March 2012 16:07
keep seeing these pop up on CL, still on the fence though, I guess I'll wait to see em in person
4th March 2012 17:04
QS my ass everybody getting these
4th March 2012 17:08
Definitely going to cop these
4th March 2012 17:17
wish i had the money to cop