Air Jordan 2011, Custom Black Bottom

12th February 2012 15:26

14th February 2012 02:36
how did you dye the sole black
15th February 2012 13:12
Seaglow + Black Dye. Thanks for the info from this forum.
15th February 2012 13:17
17th February 2012 03:55
17th February 2012 16:48
pretty cool... i just picked up some red ones at the outlet might have to try and dye mine red....
26th March 2012 18:44
Not a fan of these shoes but good job man
24th April 2012 21:24
not a fan of these shoes but nice work
25th April 2012 00:17
Nice work
14th May 2012 10:42
Dope idea dying the sole....