Air Jordan 12 Cool Grey

27th February 2012 03:09
These are hella smooth. I am going to get a pair.
27th February 2012 16:17
bobcats jersey with some these cool grey 12's >>>
27th February 2012 16:18
These are hella smooth. I am going to get a pair.

I can't wait
27th February 2012 16:24
Def cop when do they come out
28th February 2012 17:38
where is a picture?
28th February 2012 17:43
I like the way grey/orange look together. If I can get a pair of these on sale then I will cop. Hopefully hypebeast wont try to scoop these all up and they will go on sale like the Stealth 3's

I think the days of Jordans hitting sale racks is over.
29th February 2012 01:44
I think I came to conclusion, I might cop.
Nice new colorway for the XII's, hopefully my connect can give me a discount on these.
29th February 2012 14:22
Falling in love with them!
29th February 2012 16:19
They are clean but not my thing, very Steve Nash esqe lol
29th February 2012 17:37
theres alot of hate on these but i think the orange works well. dont see that color enough on non UNDFTD jordans