Just a little something... For the Sneakerheads!

15th September 2011 15:02
I need post's so i figured why not put up some of the collection...

Now that what i call a Bubble bath... Air Max Bubble bath

One of my favorite packs... im strictly about the plain and grain

My triplets...

I thought this was one of Nike's best designs... although im not a MJ fan... i dig his kicks

No need to buy a diff model just 20 pairs of the same shoe diff colorways!

Stash always has a Classic feel...

i could never get tired of 95's

You know some times you just feel like gettin' your Tarzan on... hahaha and Jane thought she was gonna tame a nigga!

A few of the AM1's...

Air Maxin... for sale sz 8's holler with some dollers!

Nike Force 180's man if i could find more i would stock and re-rock these daily!!! hit me up if you have some sz8 in these hahaa

112 where the Playa dwells

BEANTOWN all day everyday!!!

A part of the AF1 Fleet...

stacks of box's i need to get rid of!!!

Classic!!! Mowabbs are one of my fav and the foot socks!

True x Nike collab camo for those times when you have to be deep behind the lines

Max's has to be one of the best sneaker inventions of all time

180'S can you ever go wrong with these??? NOPE pure DOPE!!!

I don't rock many dunks anymore do to cornballs thinking thats the only sneakers worth having... but i keep the DESTROYERS!!! (Couldn't find my white pair to throw in the Shot)

OG Classic' in the OG box... wanna CHALLENGE?

DB's gotta love the kids!

More OG's

Sock-o-knee's yes I know... its a fresh shoe you don't have to tell me!!!

New Balance... Never got why people sleep on New B's 1500 is what time it is!
ill have to put them all up here sometime soon...


Converse... all time sneaker great of the WORLD! nice shoe to always have in a collection that YOU WEAR!

just a few of the daily wears... I don't wear OG jordans def sell them and cop the newest retro's i like to wear my kicks not have them fall apart!

not much here compared to some of you MONSTERSSSSS on here but for the little bit i showed i hope you dig it... just sharing what i'm wearing...

more to come... just been busy moving and what have you!


' http://yosaaword.blogspot.com'
15th September 2011 15:05
Not bad I guess. But you don't "need" posts, kinda a lame reason to make a collection thread.
15th September 2011 15:12
i actually do need the post. im trying to get rid of some gear and shoes... this site is pretty good hub for that, and i dont do ebay... i need a certain amount of post to add to the marketplace.

which i do think is lame... but people are gonna wanna get kicks from some one that is good business
16th September 2011 07:28
Not bad, love those Carmines!
16th September 2011 13:23
Nice, I like that you have some different stuff. Dope huaraches.
16th September 2011 20:16
I like ur airmax collection I need them all in my airmax collection...
17th September 2011 00:37
Nice collection, can't believe you aren't a fan of the greatest player ever but I can respect that. Keep it up!
19th September 2011 12:24
Yeah Never a MJ fan... Im a Huge Clyde, Bird, Pete "The Kid',DynoNique, Kemp, Steve Kerr, Ray Allen... People who stay true to the game not how cheat and get caught and have to leave the NBA and retire the number on their jersey... he was nasty though high flying def defying.

Anyway good looking on the peep of the thread... im not trying to brag i dont have enough paper for that HEAT some of you guys have crazyyyyyy dope kicks... but i dont think half of you wear them such a shame...

anyways sneaks for life!
19th September 2011 14:45
good stuff dude
19th September 2011 16:58
Good Collection! Keep it up!