A Letter For the Sole Collector Staff

25th July 2012 03:00
Will there be a fix for the signatures (in terms of using align/colors/etc ..) soon?

What's the deal with this stuff? When will it all be back/fixed?
26th July 2012 21:44
Need some new mods for the Lounge.

Don't really see Pat, Mike, or Randz around all that much ...

26th July 2012 22:49
i agree with Guesswho? can never find my own posts after awhile i just give up. overall though i like the new site
6th August 2012 01:42
6th August 2012 02:07
im guessing all of it takes time guys there must be thousands of codes for this site all can't be fixed in one day...
23rd August 2012 05:02
We haven't forgotten about this thread and have our (new) technical team hard at work on a long list of items. They have been rolling out a # of backend improvements you cannot see, and launched the first major revamp tonight.

You can now find a vastly improved keyword search at the top of every page. A more robust and integrated author search is next on the list (currently you can search by author by visiting the forum index and selecting search by author in the drop down) and we expect to see that soon.

Please let me know any comments and feedback you may have. Thx.
23rd August 2012 12:56
Yea I really do miss the old iss and the old layout better than this one truthfully this is my second account FYI my old one got hacked sadly
11th December 2012 01:23
12th December 2012 00:39

Yea I'd like to know this too.
12th December 2012 03:26
Yah i don't understad the coding for sigs any more and it would be a lot nicer if i could find my posts easier. but scamming here is the main issue. Even if you can't help people get their money back, banning the scammers should be necessary. In the time span that people weren't being banned i could have scammed dozens of people for expensive kicks. The marketplace saftey guide isn't enough to drill some common sense into kids.

Jvini, I PMed you about helping out though.

quite agree ...