A Letter For the Sole Collector Staff

20th May 2012 10:42
I thought it'd be nice to discuss the many problems we have on this site now. I really miss the old ISS. Everything ran smoothly (as I remember), and there were few problems. If there were problems, they were fixed ASAP. We are now nearing the one year mark of "Sole Collector 2.0". The MAIN website, I have no problems with. It's great, much improved from the old one.

That being said, the forum is in disarray. There are so many technical issues that have been brought up in the Feedback thread, but it seems that NO member of the staff even takes a look at it. It's like the only major thing you guys have fixed was the youtube tags.

Here are some problems, or just some features that I'd love to see brought back.

It's damn near impossible to find your own posts, because it takes you to the beginning of the thread. Do you know how difficult it is to look for a question you asked in a popular thread? Another problem would be the coding for signatures. In the past, the (color)(/color) worked just fine. Now it's broken. Mine still works because it has some random numbers after the tag, and I'm afraid to mess with it because I don't want to mess it up. Another constant problem is the spammers. I don't think we've ever had a problem with that on the old site. Also, what happened to .gif avatars? It would be great to bring those back. This has been brought up, but I don't think anything's been done with the scammers on the site. In the past, these members would be punished very swiftly.

That's not to say improvements WERE made. In hindsight, merging the Movies and Automobile sections was an excellent idea. If we had not done that, the activity in those forums would be next to dead.

It's really a shame, because I've been part of the ISS community for so long. Could we get an answer as to when we can see improvements? Or are improvements even BEING made.

Others members, especially the older ones, I welcome you to chime in as well.

I guess what I'm trying to say is .. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

20th May 2012 11:13
too long, mods won't read
20th May 2012 12:52
too long, members won't read

most members are just resellers that clog up new release threads.
20th May 2012 13:31
43 mods/admins & over 7000 members, Iss had to take a downfall eventually, Only changes I seen on this site is the new lay out & sneaker exchange.
20th May 2012 15:37
& What's up with the monthly event Sole ID? Looked like they bailed out on that.
20th May 2012 23:14
We just hired a new technical lead to fix much of what you listed. I'd like to hear from other members on what specific changes you'd like to see. We understand that there are a number of items we need to resolve, and want to make sure we're focusing on the right items that members want to see.

Feel free to reply in this thread with your suggestions.
20th May 2012 23:22
Yah i don't understad the coding for sigs any more and it would be a lot nicer if i could find my posts easier. but scamming here is the main issue. Even if you can't help people get their money back, banning the scammers should be necessary. In the time span that people weren't being banned i could have scammed dozens of people for expensive kicks. The marketplace saftey guide isn't enough to drill some common sense into kids.

Jvini, I PMed you about helping out though.
21st May 2012 00:27
^ I agree with izzmikyaheard scamming is the main problem with the site & the new lay out of SC doesn't really bug me but it does have a few flaws, nothing serious tho.
21st May 2012 00:50
I can't change my signature .. My username looks like St?ssy certain places .. and I don't put as much shit as I used to up for sale because lack of offers -_________-
21st May 2012 00:51
Some of the mods/admin are far too quick to lock a thread. If a thread is no good, it'll die out on it's own. An example being when someone made a thread about posting your youtube channel or something like that. The thread was lock and the admin or mod posted a link to the video thread. Yes it's kinda similar, but the youtube channel thread was way more specific and should of been left alone.

Marketplace search feature sucks at times.
Not being able to see your past post sucks.
Posting youtube links was simpler prior to the switch.
Giving the automotive it's own section again would be nice. I don't look at any of the threads, but it would be nice to get it out of the Lounge and rid some of the clutter.