Official +++ A$AP Rocky +++ Thread

18th December 2012 21:13
Currently listening to the album and I like it. Only 2 songs produced by Clams Casino I thought it wasn't going to be as good.

Going to buy when this comes out for sure.
18th December 2012 22:23
love the album so far.
19th December 2012 05:56
I've given it one or two good listens... So far I think it's alright, but I feel like it could grow on me. I got my hands on a 192 kbps version, so once I get a better quality one I should be able to give it a more thorough listen. My favorite tracks so far are 1 Train and Phoenix... And obviously I like Goldie and F__kin' Problems.
19th December 2012 18:43
i have the full version good quality pm if you want wont give out on here. and train is piff a$ap joey bada$$ kendrik and krit all had super fire verses
19th December 2012 23:09
Yeah I just downloaded the album today, I'm very impressed with it, i like it alot and will definately be purchasing it when it drops next month.
20th December 2012 10:50
Wild For The Night is pretty sick. Haven't heard anything like that before. 1 Train is good too. Definitely an album I'll be bumpin' in my car.
20th December 2012 12:04
Def want to d/l right now, but I'll just wait until his album officially drops. Still got Live Love and Lords Never Worry in heavy rotation.
20th December 2012 13:28
Purple Swag Remix, Texas/Louisiana stand up!
20th December 2012 14:42
I genuinely enjoyed listening to this album. Ghetto Symphony's gonna be on heavy rotation for a while.
21st December 2012 05:46
Long.Live.A$AP is dope!!!!