Official +++ A$AP Rocky +++ Thread

13th August 2012 22:45
Just saw my dude ASAP in toronto for OVOfest, wondering if he's blowing up around yall as much as he is in his home state NY. I'll be out to House of Blues Boston for his show in Sept. Dude is too fresh and tracks are raw as hell.

Show my man some much deserved love!!!
16th August 2012 08:03
excited to see him at rock the bells
22nd August 2012 07:58
I enjoy listening to his MC'ing flow.
4th September 2012 16:42
Rocky is the shit, im trying to see him live soooon
7th September 2012 03:19
love his music and his style
7th September 2012 21:00
Hell yea this niggas blown up he was on the VMA'S yesterday his purple swag, pretty flako and brand new guy go to hard
8th September 2012 07:46
he's dope, been lovin his shit for a while now.
9th September 2012 01:15
ASAP Rocky is my favorite new rapper, he kills everything
9th September 2012 03:40
I've listened to his stuff, and I honestly I don't see the hype with him. Not even like I've only listened once, I really gave his shit a shot multiple times.

(Honest question) What do you all like about him and the A$AP crew?
24th September 2012 03:34
hes putin on for my hometown