1st January 2012 20:19

Keep pics at a reasonable size.
No guns. Nobody care.
No drugs, that should be obvious.
Thumbnail your pans.
Limit the amount of pics you post in here. I don't want to put a limit on how many pics you can put in here, but there were some posts in the last one with a ton of pics. Lets say only 7-10 pics. Please don't post 10 pics then post 10 more. I will automatically delete all of those posts.
Do not post "I know this doesn't belong here, but....".
This is the Sneaker Photography thread, we don't need photos from your listings or with you ISS tags in general.

Use the other "Official" threads for Photoshops, Autos and Sneakers.

Any post not following the rules will simply be deleted.

If you posted something in the last week, go ahead and repost it if you wish.

Anyone that argues will be banned from the thread or this part of the board. Discussing things like adults is fine. But, anyone caught acting stupid will just be removed.

Keep images at a reasonable size.

If you have questions about your camera, please post in the "Everything to do with Cameras" thread.

Everything to do with cameras

Have fun!

Update on the rules- Don't post that you are selling stuff in here. That post will automatically be deleted & potentially get you banned.

no more commenting on shoes. comment on the sneaker photography....
1st January 2012 20:20

UGG Slippers/Brown Leather / Grown Folk Vibe via eyeprojekt blog
1st January 2012 23:34'

1st January 2012 23:58
Happy New Year ISS!!
2nd January 2012 06:11
2nd January 2012 12:36
First shoe shot for 2012

3rd January 2012 00:47'

3rd January 2012 03:02

Day 002 by Michael An, on Flickr
3rd January 2012 04:46'

3rd January 2012 04:50

"And yes MJ, I meant that question for you and Brian...still haven't even opened up Lightroom haha is it a pretty "user friendly" program? (I'm pretty familiar with PS)"

Lightroom is super user friendly. I like it a lot more than photoshop personally for my use. Being able to view all your photos collectively for edits and things like that how lightroom is laid out is really convenient, I do all my edits in lightroom then some final adjustments in photoshop usually...
Just my 2 cents.