2011 NFL Fantasy Football Thread

2nd January 2012 01:50
good thing Matthews didn't play, helping me win now
2nd January 2012 14:51
Won my league thanks to Eli and Cruz. Yesssssss
2nd January 2012 16:43
pulled off a final W thanks to Romo lol
2nd January 2012 17:00
i dont see how you can have a league championship on week 17. the worst week all year you choose to be the most important for your fantasy league? just dumb in my opinion

edit but hey, congrats on the W still not easy
3rd January 2012 06:08
Won in my league! Should have put Jordy Nelson though, he got 34 points. Oh well still won.
3rd January 2012 07:28
Congrats on the winners. Collect that prize money!!!
4th January 2012 05:41
won 1 league. 2nd in one league. then missed playoffs in the other one