2 Years of "Collecting"

31st March 2011 04:52
"Buy what you like"


Air Maxes:


Air Jordans:

Nike SB non-dunks:

Nike SB Dunk Highs:

B-Grade Sea Crystals

Nike SB Dunk Lows:

31st March 2011 06:36
Dope Preston!

Gotta have those double Tiffs ayyy (;

- Kenny
31st March 2011 08:13
Nice get up man....u rite buy what u like
31st March 2011 09:19
props for an outstanding collection! .. you're not afraid of picking up a few GRs in addition to the heat, but the array of heat is impressive!
31st March 2011 12:32
Pb your collection is mad dope only thing you need now is the black & pinks
31st March 2011 13:30
really nice collection =D keep it going
31st March 2011 20:47
"Buy what you like" Amen to that, so true. nice collection, got a few of my sb grails (white premes, sharks) and i gotta love the carmines and jams.
31st March 2011 23:40
that collection is even doper with those pics. im a huge fan and watch ur vids all the time bro NH. congrats on meetin Fran and keep gettin it
1st April 2011 00:20
love how you got the love for sbs and jordans
keep it up and keep buying what you like check out my collection
1st April 2011 01:34
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